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Trajectory of Rosetta

November 12, 2014

I just found this and had to share as a follow up post. This shows the trajectory of the Rosetta spacecraft over the last decade, demonstrating all the clever ways scientists were able to hack planetary gravity assists.

Think about how much math went into this calculation! They had to know:

  • Exactly where the comet was in 2004
  • Exactly where it would be in 2014
  • What direction to launch Rosetta
  • What day to launch it
  • Where the planets would be
  • How much their gravity would accelerate and deflect the orbit of Rosetta

Anyway I’m glad someone payed attention in math class, I was too busy playing Snake on my graphing calculator.

… guys – it literally just occurred to me that kids today probably don’t play games on their calculators. Now I feel sad.


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