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Lava Lake

September 8, 2014

Today was the first time I’d ever heard of George Kourounis, a frankly bad ass Canadian adventurer and host of the show Angry Planet. This dude is awesome. He’s 44 and likes to spend his time documenting all sorts of extreme weather – from floods to forest fires, blizzards to deserts. He’s chased down several tornadoes and hurricanes (including Katrina) and took a boat onto a lake of sulfuric acid in Indonesia. He’s explored the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada, and even travelled the insanely dangerous ice roads to the northern-most point in Canada that can be reached by car.

Canadians are the bees knees.

But how does one go about balancing all that icy exploration? Apparently by rappelling down into the crater of an active volcano! Although volcanic excursions aren’t exactly new to him, his most recent adventure was off the charts. He visited the lava lake at the bottom of Marum crater, part of a volcanic island named Ambrym in the South Pacific Ocean. From the rim to the lake is about the same height as the Empire State building, if that gives any perspective to what you’ll see in his video. Wearing a special protective suit he dropped into the crater with a GoPro to document the breathtaking molten terrain.

… and to take selfies. Duh.

I think their video is amazing, and I hope you’ll feel the same. As humans we sometimes get caught up in silly day-to-day drama and forget what an amazing world it is out there. George clearly lives on the edge and admittedly he might have a healthy dose of crazy… but people like him inspire me to live my life with a little more adventure and a little less worry.

Check out his fiery descent and witness your crazy planet in action!


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