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The Man, The Legend – Bill Nye

June 18, 2013

I got a request from someone to do a blog post about everyone’s favorite person, one William Sanford Nye – perhaps better known to you as Bill Nye the Science Guy. He’s a role model and an icon and I wish this world had more people like him. He grew up in DC as a normal kid and then studied mechanical engineering at Cornell in the 70’s. After college he decided to take a job at Boeing in Seattle, making parts for the 747 to help reduce vibrations in the steering mechanisms. Even if he decided to stay at Boeing he would still be regarded as a pretty smart and cool dude.

But thankfully, he didn’t stay there forever. Eventually he found himself in the entertainment industry via some sketch comedy gigs and finally ended up starting the show we all know and love…


The actual written objective of this show was simply “to change the world.” That’s pretty badass right? All Bill wanted to do was influence young minds into being curious about the world in which they live – to encourage them to question everything and learn as much as they could. But the best part was that he did it in a FUN way! It was intended for kids age ~10-12, but even adults totally loved the show. It’s not surprising that he became a super famous icon for scientific outreach… and bravo for that because he is a BOSS.

I'm gonna teach you about meiosis, baby

I’m gonna teach you about meiosis, baby

But do you want to know what I think is really awesome about him? I love that he’s so pro-science and he’s pushing toward scientific literacy for all. He also frequently discusses controversial political topics like evolution (sometimes with his bestie Neil deGrasse Tyson) and backs up his statements with scientific evidence and theory. He’s always truthful about what science can and cannot tell us, and he doesn’t take any crap. When some wacko is going against scientific evidence, these guys lay the smackdown pronto.

So yeah – Bill Nye is an awesome dude. He strives to make the world a better place – which is awesome – and he does it with science… which is EVEN MORE AWESOME. I know this video might be controversial to some people, but if you don’t like it you probably don’t belong on a science blog. SO JUST WATCH BECAUSE HE IS SO COOL AND AWESOME.


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