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Lytro Camera

June 7, 2013

Have you ever taken what you thought was an awesome picture, only to realize it’s actually an out-of-focus piece of crap? Like, maybe you randomly focused on some tree in the foreground rather than the intended subject?

It’s not your fault, he’s naturally blurry

If this sounds like a problem you have, fear not! A new kind of camera has hit the market that will allow you to choose/correct the focus of your image AFTER you already snapped it. The camera is totally different than a regular old camera that we’re all used to… it actually doesn’t take a 2D “picture” but rather captures all of the light from a scene. It uses fancy microarray lenses to scatter the light as it enters the camera – which provides information about the angle at which the light arrived. By knowing exactly where all the light in a scene came from you can construct many different images with different focal points after the fact.

Collect ALL the light!

What does it mean to you? It means you just point the little camera at your subject and push the button. Later you can click anywhere on the picture and set the focus to that point. It’s actually pretty cool technology, but like most photographic boons it comes with a price. In this case, scattering and collecting all that light comes at the cost of image resolution. Thankfully, for everyday point-and-shoot photography that probably doesn’t matter too much. It also can’t correct “blurriness” in terms of a subject moving around while you take the image. That has nothing to do with focus, but rather shutter speed and your photo subject being a jerk.

So yeah… It’s fun to play with the stock images from their website – just click anywhere on the picture and watch it refocus. Enjoy!

I don’t know what’s happening in that last one but I’m diggin’ it.


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