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Sexy Beards

May 30, 2013

A group in Australia looked into an awesome question recently… how does a man’s facial hair affect how people perceive him? (here’s the paper if you’re interested!) Participants in this study were shown a series of photographs in which a man progressed from clean shaven to five-day stubble, to ten-day stubble, and finally a fully grown beard. They were then asked to rate each image for attractiveness, perceived parenting skills, health and masculinity. Interestingly they chose to exclude mustache-only conditions, for fear that all the participants would become spontaneously and unwillingly pregnant.

both men and women

The results were pretty darn clear in the end. Both sexes agree that a solid 10-day stubble is the ultimate in sexy man face, whereas 5-day stubble was flat out icky. Men with full beards were the clear winners for masculinity (duh), but also won out for best perceived parenting skills. They tested whether women on birth control would have differing opinions, and although there were some slight decreases in ratings for certain categories it did not appear to be significant in this particular study.

So… do yourself a favor and grow out a nice 10-day stubble. The ladies will be swooning in no time (so long as you don’t leave the house during the 5th day lol).

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  1. Wendy permalink

    Clearly we should be thinking about post-doc-ing in Australia!

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