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FDA Approves a Migraine Patch

May 15, 2013

Has anyone ever had the joys of experiencing a migraine? For a lot of people, migraines aren’t just a once in awhile annoyance, but something that interrupts their normal lives way too often and is totally debilitating. We don’t really understand what causes them or why some people are more prone to them than others… but we DO understand that they hurt like a son of a b!*%@.


There aren’t really any awesome treatments for migraines right now, and a lot of people can’t even utilize the ones we have because they have an additionally fun side effect of intense nausea. Since most drugs are orally administered, if you’re feeling head-splitty and barfy the odds of it staying down long enough to be absorbed are slim… so why bother?

That’s why researchers have been looking for alternative ways to administer meds that can avoid making someone barf and possibly cure the migraine AND the nausea. Enter Zecurity, the newly FDA approved battery powered skin patch for migraine relief! It has a drug called sumatriptan which inhibits specific serotonin receptors in your brain to constrict blood vessels, reduce inflammatory responses, and *hopefully* reduce pain and nausea. Since it is administered through the skin, it doesn’t have to deal with getting metabolized in the stomach, allowing us to use different types of pharmacology and also hopefully lowering the pukey urges.

sumatriptan – a serotonin poser

In trials, the drug was twice as effective at partially or completely eliminating the headache pain, and 30% more effective at eliminating nausea. Biggest complaints were itchy tingly feelings at the patch site – probably because it’s electrically powered lol – but ask a migraine sufferer and they will tell you the trade off would be well worth it.


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