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Volcanic Action

May 6, 2013

There’s a volcano in Alaska (that I bet you’ve never heard of) and it’s currently erupting a little bit. Right now it’s not really causing any problems, but there’s a possibility it might affect some of the flight traffic between Asia and North America if it doesn’t calm its shit down. So because I kind of think volcanoes are fascinating in that “oh cool it’s happening way over there and not anywhere near where I live” type way, I thought I would make a post about this guy!

It’s called Mount Cleveland and it’s situated in the Aluetian Islands on that funny little tail thing that Alaska has goin’ on. It’s a “stratovolcano” meaning it was built over time by many layers of ash and lava and other cool stuff during previous explosions. Mount Fuji is another example of this type of volcano. Anyway, Mount Cleveland is really symmetrical and it’s actually quite beautiful.

Like a perfect little zit poking out of the ocean

So while I was reading the wiki article about this volcano I stumbled across one of the most badass sentences I’ve ever read…

“Eruptions from Mount Cleveland are generally vulcanian and strombolian in nature, characterized by short explosive ash clouds sometimes accompanied by a’a flows, lava fountains, pyroclastic flows, ash and steam emissions, lava dome growth, and the ejection of breadcrust bombs.”

^WHAT??? It ends on the best part too – breadcrust bombs. What the crap is a breadcrust bomb? I’LL TELL YOU! It happens when the volcano launches out a whole bunch of molten rock into the air, and while it’s hurtling across the sky the outside solidifies before the inside. Then because physics and stuff the inside will continue to expand and the outer rock will crack – giving it a bread like appearance. So it’s like a cutesy little death rock that looks like tasty carbs and falls out of the sky on your head.

No spoilers – but breadcrust bombs are featured at the beginning of this movie and SOMEONE GETS DEAD.

So anyway, this Volcano is actually a pretty cool one. It’s not like some freaky Yellowstone supervolcano that will end all humanity or anything, so that’s good. It mostly just sits around and leaks some ash and hot rock and gas. This particular eruption is one of many similar ones since about 2011, and scientists are currently monitoring it to make sure it doesn’t go postal on us – though they’re pretty sure it won’t. Not like that volcano named Eyjafjallajökull over in Iceland (real name, seriously, when I first heard about it I thought it was a joke) – that one acted like a total DICK and screwed up all kinds of air travel a few years back. So let’s hope Mount Cleveland gets its toots out and settles down like a nice little stratovolcano. 🙂


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