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Space towel

May 1, 2013

Without gravity… things get a little weird. Some high school students asked astronaut Chris Hadfield to perform an experiment to see what would happen when a soaking wet towel was wrung out in the Space Station. He first had to squirt water out of a bag (think Capri Sun) onto the towel to get it wet… because there’s no way to just dunk it into a bowl of water in space. Then he held it up and wrung that baby out in front of the camera for us poor ground-bound losers to watch.

The furrowed brow of hardcore scientific inquiry

The surface tension of the water causes it to cling together around the towel as it’s forced out of the fabric, but without gravity there’s no drippy mess. You can even see tiny air bubbles escaping the water blob in random directions – because there’s no “up” without gravity.

Do you want to read more funny stories about stuff that’s been done in space, including weird stuff you probably never considered? Like… well… what are the logistics of space pooping? If these are the burning questions that fill your mind at all hours of the day, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out the book Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. She’s hilarious and I wish I was her.

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  1. Wendy permalink

    That is so cool!

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