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Bravo, Canada.

April 30, 2013

Canada is releasing a new $5 bill into circulation this year, and hats off to their designers because… because… JUST LOOK AT IT!

Spacebot FTW

Spacebot FTW

The fancy new bill features two big-time technologies that Canada created for use in assembling the International Space Station. The first is the big robo-arm thing, aptly called “Canadarm2” (lol Canadians you so silly). It’s a giant robot that can help with anything from spacewalks to docking spacecraft to the station. The second famous robocreature featured on the bill is called “Dextre” and it’s responsible for maintaining smaller things on the exterior of the station. The two can even work together like an arm and a hand to get those hard to reach places. Teamwork at its finest. You go, Canada, you go.

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