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Colony Collapse Disorder

April 29, 2013

I never realized how important the bee population was to our everyday life until a few months ago when I watched a documentary about Colony Collapse Disorder. If you’ve never heard of it, CCD is basically when a bunch of honey bees either die or just peace the heck out for unknown reasons… abandoning their hive, their queen, their unhatched young, and their honey. When we get right down to it, scientists have no idea why CCD has been rapidly increasing in recent years. Current theories include toxic pesticides, viruses, fungus, malnutrition, and genetically modified crops. There is also evidence that Oprah has been hoarding them for her Favorite Things special.

They even made it on Oprah's Favorite Things

Because she can.

Did you know that there’s a massive beekeeping industry? Hives get shipped all over the country to help pollinate different crops during different seasons. Basically the growth of plants like fruits and veggies depend on these little guys – according the the US Dept. of Agriculture, honey bees pollinate ~80% of our flowering crops. Bottom line is we need to figure out why the heck they keep croaking or we’re going to have a big time agricultural nightmare on our hands.

Not to say we don't have nightmares already lol

Not to say we don’t have nightmares already lol

The good news is, just this week the European Commision has decided to place a ban on three types of pesticides in an attempt to ameliorate the problem. At the end of this year the bans will go into effect for clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam… three pesticides which have been shown toxic to bee populations in studies. Whether or not this ban will be effective remains to be seen, but at least the problem is finally being addressed. We should try to bee positive about the outcome 😉

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